Felted Wool Sculptures

I've never been a huge fan of felting, except when it's done right. Check out the whimsical and amazing felted wool sculptures by Ukranian artist, Hanna Dovhan below! Talk about getting it right! Original article found here.

Egg Love and Other Felted Wool Sculptures By Ukrainian Artist Hanna Dovhan

If there’s anyone who can make food look absolutely adorable – it’s Hanna Dovhan.

The Ukraine-based creative artist is known for making adorable felted food dolls. We previously showed you her ‘Avocado Love’ dolls, but now ‘Egg Love’ caught our eye. Featuring two perfectly made egg halves, the dolls can be displayed apart or together, forming the cutest hug.

You can find ‘Egg Love’ and other felted friends by Dovhan on Etsy.