Cross-Stitch Street Art

I've been on a major cross-stitch binge lately. I'm working on a top-secret Christmas present for someone who reads my blog (so I won't say anything further) and have a few smaller pieces in my queue for the baby's room. I am a major puzzler - give me a 5,000 piece puzzle, a mug of peppermint tea and leave me alone for hours. I find cross-stitch comes from the same vein since you work one color and it looks like nothing, then add in another and you start to see shapes taking place, add in a few more and before you know it you have a beautiful piece that comes together in the end like magic. I came across this article recently about cross-stitch as street art in Spain by artist Raquel Rodrigo. I'd love one of these climbing across the front of my house! Original article found here.

Cross-Stitch Street Art In Spain by Raquel Rodrigo

We’d like to introduce you to Raquel Rodrigo, a Spanish artist and set designer who is also adding her own colorful touch to Spain’s streets by turning them into beautiful floral cross-stitch installations.

The Valencia-born artist makes her pieces by wrapping thick rolls of string around wire mesh. She prepares them in advance and then unrolls them at her chosen location to bring a dash of color and creativity to the surrounding area. As cross-stitch patterns are generally found on things inside the home, her public installations create an eye-catching contrast to the urban landscapes in which they exist.

More info: Raquel Rodrigo