Blomst Cowl

One of my favorite family vacations was the trip we took to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway in the summer of 2016. You feel the history and pride of these countries that are so much older than the United States. The buildings and culture are ancient, in some cases mysterious, and the textiles? I could (and did) stare at them all day long. I took thousands of photos and will always draw inspiration from that wonderful adventure.


I have a folder on my desktop called "homeless knitting charts" with dozens upon dozens of charts I've drawn but don't know what they're going to be yet. Sometimes I go diving into that file and find a chart I've made and I picture the scene in Toy Story with the claw machine and the aliens saying, "I have been chosen!" Sometimes I gather multiple charts and combine them, tweaking them to work together until they are very different from the original idea. Some charts upon later inspection are dragged right into the trash. Each new design has its own unique design process.


Using 2 colors of Biscotte Yarns super soft 90% merino superwash/10% silk DK Pure yarn in an earthy gray and deep red, the Blomst Cowl is inspired by Danish textiles using multiple flower ideas I had been futzing with for a while. I decided they needed to be married together and the result is a graphic and modern ode to Danish florals. The palette is a twist on their flag colors of bright red and white and the flowers remind me of our afternoon in Tivoli Gardens watching peacocks, riding the carousel, walking beneath the twinkle lights, and playing on the best playground I have ever seen.


Knitting up on US 6 (4mm) needles, the Blomst Cowl is a Fair Isle design worked in the round from the bottom up. Sandwiched between my favorite corrugated ribbing, the 2 floral designs play off one another in scale, and I could easily see this knitting up using stash with each section being a different combination of colors. Yellow and blue? Green and pink? Black and white? Pink and gray? Ohhh, I may have to knit another of these for myself using all the colors!

Roomy in size, this cowl is a transition piece for your wardrobe, designed to keep you warm on frigid days or those strange days we seem to be into now when you start with 20 layers and end up peeling them off as the day goes on. With its lovely drape thanks to the superwash/silk combination and soft fiber, this cowl reminds me of our trip and I feel wrapped in memories, wishing for springtime.

Download the Blomst Cowl here.



Chickaloon Cowl

Sometimes I pick up yarn and immediately know what it wants to be. A Fair Isle chart appears in my brain and I set to work getting it charted out before it disappears. Other times, yarn sits on my desk for weeks, sometimes even months. I pick it up, stare at it, sometimes even wind it up and swatch it, but it's just not the right match and it goes back to sitting on my desk until the perfect design comes along. 


My latest design, the Chickaloon Cowl, was one of those designs that popped into my head immediately. I picked up the rich, deep barn red, and the lovely orange blend and knew a bold, geometric pattern was what it wanted to be. Each stitch was a delight to knit, it blocked beautifully, and when my model and I went out and I said "Wouldn't it be perfect if there was a yellow wall and a red wall next to each other for this shot?" We turned a corner and wouldn't you know it? Right in front of us was a red wall and a yellow wall directly next to each other.


A fan of women-run, local hand dyers, this was my first time using Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarn, a Virginia-based dyer I have seen at all the local fiber festivals. A 100% superwash worsted, Luna provides excellent stitch definition and worked up on US 5s and 7s for this stranded color work cowl. The easy garter borders ensure it won't curl, and this is my favorite sized cowl - not too snug, not too loose, not massively tall or so short it provides no warmth. What can I say? I adore this cowl!


There's something special about this design and the way it came together. It was one of those rare projects that seemed to design and knit itself, and the end result is something daring, striking, and exciting to knit. I plan on knitting this one again and again!

Download the Chickaloon Cowl here.


New Website!

I have a confession to make... I didn't finish my Knitting Olympics project. In all fairness, I was very busy, just not with knitting.

While watching the opening ceremonies of the Winter Games, I started taking care of a few housekeeping items I had wanted to do to my website. Before I knew it, I was embarking down the road of complete redesign - something I have wanted to do for a while. I made my new Knitting Olympics goal finishing up the new site by the time the torch was extinguished, and I'm delighted to have met that goal.


Friends, welcome to the newly redesigned! Pull up a chair, gather 'round the knitting campfire, grab a mug of whatever tickles your fancy, and take a look around. I am proud of this new space I have created and hope you feel both at home and inspired here.

As I have grown as a designer I have found myself repeatedly gravitating towards a bright spectrum of colorful yarns, yet appreciating a quieter space on which to display those designs. I needed an updated about page, a page to list my events, a Ravelry group to grow a community, a place to show off the books I am so proud to have written, an easy link to find my online classes, a sliver of my portfolio of recent works, and a place to roll out the welcome mat with a fancy entrance page. All of those things and more can now easily be found at the above navigation bar.

I look forward to growing into this lovely new space and bringing you exciting new designs, interesting craft-related stories, giveaways, and more.

Welcome to the new