The Force Cowl

"Use the Force, Tanis."

Ok, maybe that's not exactly what they said in the films, but I may or may not mutter that to myself when trying to open difficult jar lids, lifting something heavy, prepping for a speaking gig or starting a new book. It's one of those all-encompassing phrases that any Star Wars nut should have as part of their everyday language.


I won't go into how much I love Star Wars again (if you read this previous post from Force Friday you know that already), or how when we were talking about baby names 5 years ago before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl Leia was definitely on the list, or how I have lengthy discussions with other kids when I take my son to the playground about which movie, character or droid is the best one, but know that Star Wars and I go together like unicorns and sparkles. An ideal combination.


I'm giddy to introduce the second installment of the TanisKnits Star Wars themed pattern trilogy, The Force Cowl. I've been wearing this little bit of fandom around my neck for a couple of weeks and it makes me downright gleeful when another Star Wars fan gives me the silent nod of acknowledgment, like we're in the super secret awesome knitting club for knitting Star Wars groupies. Fair Isle, Star Wars, knitting and great yarn? Show me the way and I'm never coming back.

Knit in the round with corrugated ribbing and worked in the traditional stranded colorwork technique, this cowl will make you feel extra omegaAxl (see the Wookipedia if you don't know what that means). I love Tanis Fiber Arts (shout out to my fellow Tanis up in Canada - no we are not the same person) Yellow Label DK yarn, a delightful, hand dyed, squishy 100% superwash. Knit on US 6s, I found this pattern addicting because I wanted to keep knitting the letters until I had a full line of text! With the classic "May the Force be with you, always" phrase looping around your neck, this is an easy way to show which side of the Alliance you fall on.


Designed for fellow addicts fans, I hope you enjoy knitting this up as much as I did!


Stay tuned for the final installment of the TanisKnits Star Wars pattern trilogy coming in November and remember, may the Force be with you, always.

Download The Force Cowl here.