KAL Countdown

Knitting is a very solitary act, yet we knitters often find ourselves in groups, happily knitting away on our individual project, all working different techniques in different yarns and talking about different things. I love this about crafting - quilting circles, knitting groups, photography clubs - you name it - some things are just more fun when you're in a group. new_logoWith the spirit of working together, I'm happy to announce a project I've been working on with String Yarns in New York City... Over the course of a year, I'll be designing six projects and hosting a virtual Knit-A-Long (KAL) in their Ravelry Group for each one. I love teaching and you'll find me a few nights a week at my LYS, happily spreading the knitting word and continuing on my quest to help everyone become the knitter they wish to be. While I go off and teach retreats in other cities and countries, I also enjoy virtual KALs because they bring knitters together from all over. Virtual KALs break down all sorts of barriers - it doesn't matter where you live or what language you speak - at the end of the day, we're all knitters who love our craft, coming together to knit the same project as a group. There's strength in numbers!

string1_low res

Commencing November 10th, then every-other-month following that, I'll introduce a new project exclusively for String Yarns. Up first is the Charles Wristers, cabled fingerless mitts knit in the luxurious 100% cashmere String Classica from String Yarns. Over the course of a month we'll learn how maneuver our way on DPNs, work mirror-imaged cables, how to fix a cable that perhaps got crossed the wrong way, how to do a gusset, get comfortable reading cable charts and at the end, we'll have a beautiful pair of cashmere mitts (it's up to you whether you'll be keeping them for yourself or gifting them, but my vote is to do both!). I'll be there every step of the way posting tutorials, photos, offering support, tips, tricks, knitting along with you and leading us on our first ever String KAL event!

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This first pattern will be available on Ravelry for anyone who wants to join our KAL, with subsequent KAL patterns available through String Yarns. Kits are available on String's website here with dozens of color options and another option to add needles to make a complete kit (a nice stocking stuffer, no?). Use the online code NovKAL15 for the kits and receive a 15% off discount! If you're local to NYC, pop by the shop (see hours and address here) and pick out a kit in person and get the pattern through the store (discount also applies to the kit in the shop).

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Grab your cashmere, get your pattern ready and get yourself organized for November 10th in the String Yarns Ravelry Group. I'm excited to be at the helm of six great KALs hosted by String Yarns. Join me, won't you? Let's get our cashmere on!