Spring Forward

Looks like spring is finally here, dear readers! We’ve had so many weird, false starts (90 degrees to 20 degrees in the same day, anyone?) but I have a feeling it may be here to stay… In honor of this realization, I offer up another free pattern!

I recently chopped off 9” of my hair and agreed to some bangs. While I love the fact that my hair now takes about 4 seconds to comb out after a shower, I find it in my eyes and my face more than ever. With summer just around the corner, who wants a sweaty neck because they can’t pull their hair back?

Readers, meet the Springlike Head Scarf. Knit up over a few evening’s worth of knitting time, this is perfect for keeping your hair back or when you’re feeling like spring is in the air. A bit of lace, my favorite color and a great yarn… It’s a trifecta of spring!

Ravel it here.

I really like this yarn, Cascade’s Venezia Sport. A nice blend of 70% merino wool and 30% mulberry silk, it knits up smooth and strong with over 300 yards.  I tend to beat the crap out of my headscarves and I know this yarn can take a beating. It has fantastic stitch definition and shows off the lace beautifully. Can you imagine a lace cardi in this?! The silk gives it some sheen and the merino wool keeps it soft. Nice fiber combo!

I feel the need to keep tooting Cascade’s horn with their insane color selection. I loved that this yarn was available in over 25 colors because I plan on knitting up a few more of these headscarves in different shades. Even better? You can get 2 out of one hank and have enough left over to make them even longer or knit up something else. Bang for your buck? Check!

So join me in welcoming May and the warm weather by knitting up a lace headscarf. Why not use the other half of your hank to knit one up for a friend or keep going and make yourself an extra long, skinny lace scarf?

Happy spring!