New Website!

I have a confession to make... I didn't finish my Knitting Olympics project. In all fairness, I was very busy, just not with knitting.

While watching the opening ceremonies of the Winter Games, I started taking care of a few housekeeping items I had wanted to do to my website. Before I knew it, I was embarking down the road of complete redesign - something I have wanted to do for a while. I made my new Knitting Olympics goal finishing up the new site by the time the torch was extinguished, and I'm delighted to have met that goal.


Friends, welcome to the newly redesigned! Pull up a chair, gather 'round the knitting campfire, grab a mug of whatever tickles your fancy, and take a look around. I am proud of this new space I have created and hope you feel both at home and inspired here.

As I have grown as a designer I have found myself repeatedly gravitating towards a bright spectrum of colorful yarns, yet appreciating a quieter space on which to display those designs. I needed an updated about page, a page to list my events, a Ravelry group to grow a community, a place to show off the books I am so proud to have written, an easy link to find my online classes, a sliver of my portfolio of recent works, and a place to roll out the welcome mat with a fancy entrance page. All of those things and more can now easily be found at the above navigation bar.

I look forward to growing into this lovely new space and bringing you exciting new designs, interesting craft-related stories, giveaways, and more.

Welcome to the new