Blending In

You know I love bringing you fiber and crafty-related articles, dear readers. I came across this one recently and it gives "blending into your environment" a whole new meaning! My favorite is the man knitting and blending into his seat cushion at the end. Spectacular! Original article found here.

Custom Hand-Knit Sweaters Blend Subjects into Urban Environments


Over the last four years, photographer Joseph Ford has collaborated with friend and knitter Nina Dodd to create a project that blends models into their environments rather than having them stand out. Each subject wears a custom hand-knit sweater by Dodd that transforms their torso, partially camouflaging their body into a highly textured wall, striped running track, or for one pooch—the leaves of dense shrub.

The series, Knitted Camouflage, also features a collaboration with French street artist Monsieur Chat who painted one of his trademark cats on the wall of a derelict factory for the photographer. You can take a peek behind the scenes of Ford’s photographic projects on his Facebook and Instagram.