Photo Embroidery

I love when artists combine crafting with another medium. Mexican textile artist Victoria Villasana has paired vintage photographs of cultural icons and artists with brightly colored embroidery floss. The result reminds me of Fair Isle knitting and is unexpected and really interesting! Original article found here.

Colorfully Embroidered Vintage Photos of Artists and Cultural Icons by Victoria Villasana


Working with appropriated vintage photographs of artists, musicians, and politicians, Mexican textile artist Victoria Villasana applies a colorfully whimsical layer of embroidery atop each image. Criss-crosses of color and bright highlights around the eyes seem to lend a sense of empowerment to the works which often depict feminist icons from singer Nina Simone to artist Frida Kahlo. Villasana also takes her works into the streets and creates hybrid yarn bomb paste-ups from small stickers to entire murals. You can see more of her recent work on Instagram.