Today Is the Day!

Greetings, dear readers! Today is the day! I'm so pleased to announce that my latest Craftsy class, Fair Isle Holiday Ornaments goes live today!

A few months back I travelled to Craftsy studios in Denver, CO to film, suitcase bursting with Fair Isle bits and notions. I love working with their crews, their sets, and the company. They embrace the lifestyle of us crafty folk and know that no matter how much knowledge we possess, a true crafter never stops learning.

I've been on both sides of a Craftsy class - filming and teaching one, and taking many from the comfort of my own home. What I like most about Craftsy classes is they are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, can be watched anytime, anywhere (a class I can watch in my pajamas at midnight while eating ice cream? Sign me up!), and the instructors are truly wonderful about responding to all student questions. They have the best of the best and I am honored to be part of their instructor team.

My previous class - Fair Isle Fundamentals - was an in-depth Fair Isle technique extravaganza with a supporting hat project. I covered all things Fair Isle and threw enough knowledge at the viewer to release them into the wild and knit any kind of stranded color work project they wanted. This class is a little different. Designed to be just under an hour, Fair Isle Holiday Ornaments covers Fair Isle technique without the extra frills of color theory and psychology, fiber info, and blocking and finishing tips. You end up with a fantastic holiday ornament designed by Sunne Meyer.  Think of it as down and dirty Fair Isle! If you've wanted to learn about Fair Isle but not get involved in a bigger project like a hat or sweater, an ornament is just the project for you and very manageable. You can also gift the class to a friend who you know wants to add Fair Isle into their knitting life! Click here to watch the trailer.

With a dozen or so charts to choose from and two different ornament shapes, Fair Isle Holiday Ornaments lets you decide which one to knit, while following along with me to get the technique down. Knit one or knit enough to fill an entire tree, this is a class designed for all, no matter if you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or Festivus. You'll leave feeling confident in your Fair Isle knowledge to go out and knit all those projects you have queued up but weren't ready to cast on for. Of course, if you want to submerge yourself even deeper into stranded color work, you can check out my other class as well.

As a special for you, dear readers, this class will be 25% off through Friday. Use the link here to take advantage of this offer (you will see the regular pricing listed, but once the class is added to your cart the discount will be reflected at checkout). Happy (almost) holidays and happy Fair Isling! :)