Sheena Liamby

I'm always on the lookout for interesting ways to create. Many of us like to grab our knitting needles and beautifully hand dyed yarn, others gravitate towards a paintbrush and oil paints, wire and glass beads, or pen and paper. The possibilities to express ourselves creatively are endless! Artist Sheena Liamby creates stunning hairstyles on her embroidery, taking a 2D object and transforming it into a 3D. I particularly like the messy bun, since that's more or less the way my hair looks every day these days! Original article found here.

What do you do to create, aside from knitting?

Hand-Sewn Hairstyles That Cascade From Embroidered Hoops by Sheena Liam

Fashion model and embroidery artist Sheena Liam hand sews images of women whose hair seems to gracefully dangle from each of her 2D surfaces, Liam using black thread as a substitute for her subjects’ long locks. The works are all completed and displayed on embroidery hoops, with hair styles extending from the women in french braids, messy buns, and long ponytails. In one particular design, tiny pieces of thread are seen attached to the wall below the hoop, creating the illusion that the embroidered woman above is messily trimming her bangs.

Liam creates relatable, solitary moments within each hand sewn hoop. You can see more of her elegant designs, as well as snapshots from her travels, on her Instagram.