Baby Blankets!

I love knitting and designing baby blankets. I enjoy thinking of the new baby that will be wrapped up snugly in it, possibly right after being born or on the drive home from the hospital. Babies are so new, so full of promise and delight.

Our house is chock full of things to keep you warm - knitted baby blankets, swaddles, quilts, sweaters. Baby blankets make an ideal gift and can be passed down from baby to baby. Nothing pleases me more to see a blanket I've knit or quilted for someone in tatters, being dragged around behind a toddler and obviously deeply loved. Whenever I gift a blanket or quilt I press it into the new mom's arms, look her in the eyes and say, "Use it. Do not keep this in a closet somewhere and think of it as 'precious.' Get it dirty, let them sleep with it, bring it on car trips, give it to the next baby, throw it in the washing machine, and let me know when it needs patching." One of the things I love most about knitting is we live our lives in it - it's not meant to be shoved to the bottom of the closet and not used.

Astrid turns 3 weeks old today. As I sit here slowly typing with one hand while snuggling her on my shoulder with the other, she reminds me why I knit for others. Everyone should be so lucky to be welcomed into the world with a new blanket, each stitch made with love.

In honor of this little bundle snoring softly in my ear, with the purchase of any TanisKnits pattern, pick one of the above TanisKnits baby blanket patterns for free until Wednesday, March 29th at midnight with coupon code SNUGGLE. This includes Mother of Dragons, Neapolitan Baby Blanket, Enver Baby Blanket, Palone Baby Blanket, Owen's Blanket, Malcolm's Blanket, Antonia Blanket, Susannah, Kinderhook Blanket, Finn's Blanket, and Lorelai (note - I have other baby blanket designs but they are not under the TanisKnits line and are not included in the sale. Offer good only with TanisKnits patterns, no exceptions).

Grab your needles, your positive thoughts, your superwash yarn and start knitting!