There's a lot to be thankful for on any given day, but this is the time of year we sit and really think about it. The list of things I am personally and professionally thankful for is miles long - a wonderful family who makes each day an absolute joy, the baby growing in my belly, the roof over our heads, the chance to teach a friend to knit on a quiet afternoon, to read a book in the sunshine, take a walk, eat a good meal, spend time with my amazing students, work on my new book, hang Christmas lights outside... the list goes on. I often find that the simple things make life worth living, so whether or not we as a country can agree on policy and politics, you're going through a difficult time, or you can't wait for the year to end, I encourage you to focus on the good and give thanks. We're all in this together.


I am especially grateful to you, dear readers. Friends, students, fans, fellow knitters - whomever you are, I am grateful to you and for you. I am delighted to be part of this knitted tapestry of life we find ourselves all in together. Thank you for knitting my patterns, reading my books and my blog, taking my classes both in person and at Craftsy, sending me emails with your finished projects, your tweets, Instagram comments and the outpouring of creativity each and every one of you shares with me. It makes my day, truly.

In honor of Thanksgiving and giving thanks, I'm doing something I haven't done before. Please enjoy 25% off all hand sewn (by me while you're all sleeping) TanisKnits project bags in my Etsy shop with the coupon code TANISKNITS25 at checkout now through Saturday, November 26th. Why are my knitting and crochet project bags better than the rest? Made with 100% designer cotton fabrics, my bags are fully lined with coordinating fabric, are machine-washable, roomy enough for a big project, and one-of-a-kind. Unlike other bags, I use fabric drawstrings instead of cheap nylon cording. There are no plastic toggles or zippers for your yarn to get stuck or snagged in. Please enjoy.

Happy thankgiving!