Welcome Home!

The fun thing about designing for yarn and pattern clubs, is when the pattern rights revert back to the designer, it's like seeing an old friend after a long absence. I had two such patterns return back to me this week and I'm delighted that they're now available to the masses. sweater1



Originally designed to be part of The Knitting Boutique's Luxury Sweater Club (yes, please), the Winnick Cardigan was an idea I had while working away this past winter. I usually stick to 3/4 sleeves because I work so much with my hands and I don't like cuffs flopping around getting in my way, but my torso and upper arms get cold. My desk is right next to a window and we live in an old row house - things get drafty. A short-sleeved sweater would be perfect, but I needed to Tanis-ize it, so I jazzed up my sketch with some Estonian lace work, threw a few bobbles in there for some texture and voila! The Winnick Cardigan came to be. Sized generously from a 34" bust up through a 54" bust, you'll only need anywhere from 780-1040 yards of worsted weight yarn. The lace doesn't start until after the sleeves have been quarantined off after the raglan shaping is complete, and it's easy to add length in the torso or even long sleeves if you wish.

Another friend who came back are the Burkhardt Wristers. Originally part of Dragonfly Fiber's Club (goodness did I LOVE this color way!), these little beauties have mirror-image cables running their entire length and a thumb gusset. 1 Hank of my favorite yarn from Dragonfly Fiber's, Traveller DK, will yield 2 pairs! I love being able to get more than 1 project out of a single hank, so knit one for you and a friend! Start those holiday gifts - they always sneak up on us, no?



Download the Winnick Cardigan here and the Burkhardt Wristers here. Welcome home, friends!