Good Enough to Eat

None of my "crafty friends" do just one thing. We all knit and crochet, or we sew, embroider, make soap, tat, quilt, bake - the list is an endless one and many people do all of those things. I always like to share interesting stories or cute little things about something other than knitting every now and then here on the blog. I tend to read more in the summer and always have a pathetic bookmark - a post-it that has lost its ability to stick, a random piece of yarn that was probably part of a provisional cast on, a tiny crochet hook or a knitting pattern ("Oh, so THAT'S where my pattern went," I say every time one goes missing and I find it in a book days later). Aren't these handmade felted bookmarks adorable? Original article here.

Designer Creates Tiny Bookmarks That Look Like Your Favorite Foods 

Inspirational Gecko is the brainchild of Natural Sciences student, Francesca. She loves creating little, colorful, cute things using only felt and thread. All of her lovely creations – bookmarks, covers, key chains, brooches – are completely handmade and designed to put a smile on your face with their unique charm. Francesca’s muse is a gecko named Dorian who lives on her ceiling in her room. As Francesca studies or stitches, Dorian pops out of his burrow every so often to say hi, and give her an inspirational smile!

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