2 Newbies!

If you're a member of the knitting or yarn world, this week is TNNA. TNNA is a trade show filled with yarns! New patterns! New notions! New ideas! New friends! Old friends! So many exclamation points! I've designed pattern for Lorna's Laces before, and they're a great hand dyed yarn company with great fibers and colors. Their tagline is "we make pretty string," and yes, indeed they do. I'll make this a quick post, as I have a rabid preschooler home on a snow day playing dangerously close to my knitting... For TNNA, I did 2 new patterns for Lorna's debuting at the trade show, both if which I'm really excited about.


First up... Simon Says Cowl. Inspired by the memory and reflex "Simon Says" game we all had in the 80's, this cowl takes 1 hank of each color and is a trifecta of my favorite techniques: corrugated ribbing, Fair Isle knitting and Latvian braids. Knit in Lorna's Mrs. Crosby line in their Carpet Bag yarn, the DK merino/silk blend gives is a soft sheen and feels wonderful around your neck. I love the complimentary colors and had a blast knitting and designing this cowl.




Next up is the Palone Baby Blanket. One of the first designers to get to knit with Lorna's new Cloudgate yarn, this bulky superwash/nylon blend had the part of my brain that adores superwash yarn screaming for more. Alternating the variegated and solid color ways enhanced this modern feather and fan chevron pattern. Knitting up on 10s, this blanket knit up quickly and had a squish factor that made me happy. I would love a sweater in this yarn!



There are lots more new patterns coming down the pipeline, interviews, giveaways and reviews, so stay tuned. To all the caregivers of young children out there, I wish you a week free of snow days!

Download the Simon Says Cowl here and the Palone Baby Blanket here.