On the Sixth Day of Christmas, TanisKnits Gave to Me...

Congratulations to Annelise, who had the correct answer of Gigi! --------------------------255_Day_6_Blue_Logo

How does it work? I'll ask a random trivia question each day over the course of 12 days. Leave your answer in the comments section (and be sure to subscribe to my blog so your email address shows up and I can contact you) and a winner will be randomly chosen each day. Some of the prizes are digital this year, so readers from around the globe can participate, but be sure to check after each question if it is open to US or international readers onlyThe winner and answer will be posted on the original post the same day, around 10pm EST (it's the only way I can stay on top of the winners, so post your answer before then!) and will be contacted via email. Interweave is generously sponsoring prizes this year, so sit back, answer some trivia and win some great prizes!

Today's trivia question: Which musical includes the line 'Yes, I remember it well'?

Today's winner will receive a free download of Knitting Daily TV, episode 1304, No Needle Knits, open to readers worldwide.