Craftsy KAL & 12 Days

I'm excited to announce that I'm hosting a Craftsy KAL (knit-a-long) starting in January! PFS

Teaching knitting is something I really enjoy doing and watching students have that "lightbulb" moment and go from being scared of something to not only getting it, but loving it, is nothing short of delightful. I teach frequently at my LYS but the really exciting thing about the Craftsy KAL is I can break free from geography and teach students anywhere through the magic of the internet.


Lace is something that knitters are often hesitant to try. Lace, in my opinion, has its own giant section in the knitting world. Many people try every other technique out there, yet they're still hesitant to bite the bullet and dive right into lace. I designed this hat with those kinds of people in mind! Maybe lace is something on your knitting bucket list, or something you've decided you'll tackle in 2015. Perhaps you've given it a go and got frustrated or just needed some extra help. This is the hat for you!


Starting with ear flaps and a garter brim, we move into the exciting part, knitting our lace while decreasing for the crown. Topped off with a generous pom-pom with cord ties, we'll cover scads of techniques and I'll provide tips, tricks, photo tutorials and be available for any and all questions starting January 1. While I can't be there in your living room with you cheering you, this is the next best thing! I am totally in love with this hat design and can't wait to start knitting it with you! Sigh up for the Craftsy KAL here.


For those of you who are comfortable with lace, the Tuva Hat pattern will be available to all as a pattern only after the KAL has finished.


12 Days of Giveaways starts TOMORROW, December 9th, so get that trivia part of your brain ready to go and be ready to win some great prizes!