The Wilson Collective

The Wilson Collective is a collaborative art and framing gallery, and makers studio located in the beautiful coastal community of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. 10616403_563658950430039_4173775962949015076_n

I am delighted to be their first guest teacher on Saturday, November 8th. Not only do I get to go back to my old stomping ground of Rhode Island where I attended RISD, but it's always a treat to be surrounded by a new group of students interested in learning about color work knitting. As a knitter, and especially as a knitting teacher, I see it as my duty to pass on knowledge and get everyone knitting, trying color work (even if they're scared!) and watch our wonderful knitting traditions spread like wild-fire and be passed down for future generations.


If you're in the area, head over to 1 King Charles Drive in Portsmouth, RI (401.245.0690) and join us from 10am-2pm. We'll talk all things Fair Isle knitting, I'll sign books, you can pick up a handmade TanisKnits project bag, eat, drink, be merry and design your own fair isle hat! Supplies are included in the class fee and you'll leave bursting at the seams with knowledge of color work knitting and with your own hat design ready to be knit.

I'm excited to be coming back to Rhode Island, to meet new knitters and be the first teacher at the incredible Wilson Collective! See you there!