Work Space

I've been asked a lot about my work space lately, especially with the opening of my brand new Etsy shop. People assume I have this amazing, magical, grand-scale, sparkly studio all to myself. And it's true. tanis_office1

Except for the grand-scale part.


We live in a row house built in 1939 when people apparently were very short and didn't need closets. My "studio" is what my neighbor (since we all have the same layout) uses as her closet and I can pretty much stand in the middle and touch both walls with my arms outstretched. However, necessity is indeed the mother of invention and I make it work. The best part? I am able to have all my books readily available, Ikea makes tiny desks, I have a window and most importantly, a door I can close and walk away from if I need to. My sewing machine lives in our living room in the corner and that's the best place for it right now.


Welcome to my studio, fellow knitters! What does your space look like?