Five (+ a Giveaway!)

UPDATE 9/26/14: Congratulations to winner, Julie Spiegleman! --------------------

Our mailman is a great guy. When you run a business and work from home and get a zillion boxes like I do (Yarn! Fabric! Finished projects! Stuff for the next book!) he and I have become fast friends. I've been getting boxes from everywhere lately - Russia, France, Australia, Canada… Projects for my 7th book are beginning to trickle in and it's EXCITING. What's more exciting than that? Yesterday I got a box with my brand new book inside (along with a giant bag of candy, because my Editor knows me well).


3 Skeins or Less: Fresh Knitted Accessories is my 5th published book. I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago when it became available for preorder, but actually holding the book in my hands, smelling the fresh ink, flipping through actual bound pages… It's an experience that never gets old and makes my heart beat a little faster.

Can I just say how awesome this book is? It's the kind of book I'd want to acquire immediately, even if I hadn't been involved one bit. I have SO. MUCH. YARN, and a lot of that yarn is small quantities picked up from travels, exotic yarn shops near and far, colorways I simply shouldn't live without and fibers that made me want to hug the skein all day long. Everything in this book is 1, 2 or 3 skeins of yarn - that's it! There are full garments in here! Shawls! Hats! Mittens! Wristers! Socks!


A friend was looking through the book yesterday after it arrived and was putting a sticky note on each project she wanted to make. This turned out to be a moot point as she realized she'd put a sticky note on every single project! That's what I wanted out of this book - a book jam-packed with knitting to keep you busy all year-long. I want you, dear readers, to flip through and be saying "I want to knit that, and that, and that, and that…" THAT is what makes a great knitting book. As I look at my knitting library, my favorite books are ripped, dog-eared, stained, the binding is cracked and the edges worn. A good book is one you keep going back to again and again.


I hope you'll pick up my latest endeavor with an amazing collection of designers - Marjan Hammink, Ann Weaver, Susanna IC, Joan Forgione, Mindy Wilkes, Susan Anderson, Kirsten Kapur, Glenna C, Asa Tricosa, Sauniell Connally, Erica Schleuter, Heather Zoppetti, Carina Spencer, Carol Sulcoski, Judy Marples, Melissa LaBarre, Thea Coleman, myself, Carrie Sullivan, Cirilia Rose, Melissa Goodale, Margaux Hufnagel, Romi Hill, Faina Goberstein, Kelly Herdick and add it to your knitting library. I hope it becomes worn, the binding cracks and you love it as much as I do.

Let's do a giveaway, shall we? Check out the finished projects in the book here. Which is your favorite and why? A winner will be chosen at random on Friday, September 26th (USA residents only, please).