Bring on the Sparkle

If you're a frequent TanisKnits reader, you've probably come to recognize some of my knitwear models. There's my son of course, my son's gorgeous and amazing preschool teacher, knitting friends, playground mom friends, friends from college and high school, friends who are actually models and 2 little girls that frequent our lives on a weekly basis. I find time and time again, people you know and are comfortable with make better models, hands down. headbandA

Brynna and Rory are the daughters of a dear friend, Mary Beth, and both have modeled for me before. Both girls come with their mom to our house on Wednesday evenings for dinner and playtime, while their mom and I chat it up in the kitchen. I met their mother in a knitting class I taught and she quickly became not only one of my favorite students, but a great friend, especially when we learned we lived a few blocks away from each other on Capitol Hill.


Even though we've moved across the river to Virginia, it's only a handful of miles away and we see them often. They come here to crash on Wednesday evenings before I teach and they head off to Irish Step Dancing class. I've enjoyed getting to know them better, watch how they and my son interact, watching them growing into wonderful young ladies and get some adult time with another crafty mom while they play.


School and Irish Step have recently come to and end for the summer season. While we'll continue our visits at the water spray ground and random playdates during the hot months, I wanted to send them off with something special, something very THEM. I dug through my yarn and came across a lone skein of Cascade's Cherub Aran Sparkle in "striking purple." A bright fuchsia-colored yarn with SPARKLES for 2 girls under the age of 8? I can't think of a better yarn to use to make them a little something special until we return to our breakneck pace in the fall.


Wanting to make them something they could share and wear, I decide to knit each of them up a headband with a botanical theme. I knit up 2 and realized I had more than enough for 2 more. 4 headbands out of 1 skein? Yes! I love yardage that seems to go on and on forever and this didn't disappoint with 240 yards. Cherub Aran Sparkle meets all the standards I have when knitting for other people's children - it's incredibly soft (the metallic strand doesn't make it itchy like some yarns with metallic in them can be with 54% nylon, 42% acrylic, 4% metallic), it's superwash (hooray for yarns that can go in the washer and dryer!), it had over a dozen colors to choose from, many of which were ideal for these self-described "girly girls," the yardage was generous, the price point was great and most importantly, I knew both girls would love it!


Knitting up swiftly on US 7s, the patterns are easy to adjust for any head circumference. Shorten or lengthen the cord ties, or add or subtract lace reps to fit your needs. There are 4 botanical-themed bands to choose from, with a few leaf patterns, a daisy and some interesting edges happening. Knit 1 or all! How cute would these be for a flower girl at a wedding, birthday party favors or just for dress up?


Happy summertime!

Download the free pattern here.