Book Give Away!

Greetings, dear readers and (dare I say without jinxing us) happy spring? It's a lovely day outside! Check out this insanely gorgeous tree in my in-laws front yard that was just on the verge of bursting open on Sunday...

blossomsIn honor of the cherry blossoms (I am a sucker for the Virginia and Washington DC cherry blossoms), let's do a giveaway, shall we?

Jane Patrick and Stephanie Flynn Sokolov recently released a book of 26 scarves entitled Woven Scarves.


While I don't weave, I think it's a fantastic talent to have. Weaving has been around forever and as a knitter, any kind of fiber craft or technique is aces in my book. The designs are meant to be woven on a rigid heddle loom. This kind of loom is a table top loom, so if you're a spinner looking to use up some of your spun yarn, someone who wants to get into weaving or have always been curious to take on a new craft, they seem to run about $130-$400, depending on the model.


There are a lot of beautiful scarves in this book, including the below:


All of the scarves in this book are woven with yarn, so if your stash is out of control *ahem*, weaving might be a perfect solution. They make stunning gifts and EVERYONE loves a handmade scarf.

To win, leave a comment with the answer to this trivia questions: How long is the world's longest scarf? Hint, it's in the UK.

A winner will be randomly selected tomorrow evening, good luck!