Being Sick = Free Pattern for You!

I haven't been sick in a good long while, dear readers, but this hit me hard. The kid and I have been knocked on our butts by Norovirus (no, not Noro the yarn) courtesy of attending a child's winter birthday party. I know this is what happens when you have a kid in your life and your kid hangs out with other kids, who have been hanging out with other kids, etc... I wish I hadn't seen Contagion last year on DVD. Norovirus. Trust me, you don't want this.

While this is terribly inconvenient for me to be stuck home alone for a week trying to drag myself around and take care of the kid while the husband travels for work, this means a free pattern for you! I finally have some time to write it up since we're on lockdown.


I'd like to introduce you to the Plaited Necklace, a non-knitting pattern that is perfect for Be Sweet T-Shirt yarn. All you need is a doorknob or staircase rail to anchor your 4-stranded braid onto, good light, a kitchen scale to divvy up your hanks and off you go. I made it while bingeing on bad TV as it doesn't require a chart or knitting needles.


Head on over to Ravelry to download the free pattern here.

Also, congratulations to Emily W from Pennsylvania for winning the hank of Cascade Magnum Handpaints!

Stay healthy, readers.