Enraptured by Wrapture

I love the knitting world. I love how small it is yet it's worldwide. I love the online friends I have made that live far away through Ravelry and Facebook, and I love the friends I have that I can sit and knit with in person, watch bad TV and take our kids to the playground together, always with knitting in our bags, just in case. Knitting brings people together from all walks of life. There's such talent and camaraderie and history in our craft. I got to know Kristin Omdahl while working at Vogue Knitting. I had always been a fan and holy cats can that lady CROCHET. Sure, she's a fantastic knitwear designer, but she's in a league of her own when it comes to her crochet design. Her Crochet So Fine book made me wish my crocheting was better than sub par. Her A Knitting Wrapsody book flew off the shelves of my LYS and I thought it was pretty great that she had wonderful books in both knitting and crochet. Not many people can say they've achieved that.

The thing I like best about Kristin is she's as awesome as her designs are. I had the chance to hang out with her a few times at TNNA and enjoyed her company. I was tickled when she asked me to try out her new Wrapture wash by Eucalin. I'm a fan of both Eucalin and Kristin, so I was excited when it showed up in my mailbox and had saved a sweater that needed to be blocked specifically for it.

The Eucalin site says, "Eucalan’s latest addition is Wrapture by designer Kristin Omdahl, infused with the beneficial essential oil of Night Bloom Jasmine. Like all Eucalan products, Wrapture is best for lingerie, hosiery, loungewear, athleticwear, swimwer and is especially useful in helping to preserve the original tension on elastic fabrics. Using Wrapture preserves the life of specialty materials such as Lycra and nylon, silk, satin, cotton, organza, lace, cashmere, wool, jersey knits and embellished items. Jasmine oil is a natural antiseptic making it perfectly suited for your most delicate fibres. Like all Eucalan scents, Wrapture contains a touch of lanolin to naturally condition fibres and keep static to a minimum. Wrap your delicates in the romantic and intoxicating scent of Jasmine."

Why yes, I will. Thanks! I really liked this wash. The scent was feminine and sweet but not overpowering. I like that it doesn't need to be rinsed after soaking and I thought the label was cute. If you're looking for a gift for a knitting friend, a bottle of this would be great with a fancy -schmancy hank of yarn to go with it!

Thanks to Kristin for letting me try out her new Wrapture wash!