I'm in the Mood for Nordic, Simply Because You're Near Me...

I love Nordic-inspired knitwear. What's better than the idea of trekking through the snow with snowshoes strapped to your feet, nose red from the cold, snow falling silently around you, the warm yellow lights trickling through the windows of a far off house and a Nordic sweater on your back? To me that sounds like heaven (if you added a thermos of hot chocolate into the scenario).

I recently designed a Nordic Pullover for Imperial Stock Ranch. Chock full of the techniques I adore, top down raglan, corrugated ribbing, fair isle and a pretty amazing coziness factor, I knew once I boxed it, sealed it up and sent it to them in Oregon that I might have to make one for myself. They have many great yarns over at Imperial, but my favorite of theirs is Native Twist. I was pretty excited when they told me that's what they wanted the sweater knit out of.

Being a summer baby, you'd think I'd jump for joy when the days grow warm, the sweat starts dripping from my brow for no reason and the days grow longer. Heck no! I long for dark evenings, snow drifts, chilly temperatures, warm woolies, steaming mugs of tea and the smell of fresh bread coming from the oven. I want a red nose, cold ears, icicles hanging from the roof and wet boots by the door. Knitting this sweater made me long for those days... They'll be here before you know it.

Download the Nordic Pullover pattern here. 150 days until the official start of Winter on December 21.