You know those mice and birds in the Disney version of Cinderella? The ones that help clean up, keep Cinderella company and most importantly, make her clothes? I'd be willing to bet they can knit pretty well, too.

This is when I really wish I had Jedi mind trick power, or birds and mice (ok, not the mice) that would finish my UFOs for me. I've been doing pretty well between my real work and other assorted projects and tasks with fitting in a few rows here and there of the dreaded UFOs.

I'll admit it was slightly disheartening to find another 5 lurking in assorted places throughout the apartment that joined the already intimidating pile. 6 out of 17 are done or 35%... My goal is to finish them all by my birthday in late August or at the very latest, Halloween.

I feel like the knit version of the Little Engine that Could. I think I can knit, I think I can knit, I think I can knit...